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A day with Mt Agung Displaced People

In the east of Bali, Mount Agung - the volcanic mountain named in the Balinese legend of the Hindu God Pasupati - has been under constant surveillance since August 2017. In past days, a thick white smoke and ash has been spewing from the volcano and authorities are worried about an imminent eruption. Mt Agung last erupted in 1963, causing more than 1000 deaths. In order to prevent any such fatalities from occurring again, the Indonesian authorities arranged for more than 100,000 people to be evacuated from their homes within an area extending from 9 to 12km around the volcano.

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Zen Harmony Diving

Zen Harmony Diving is a unique concept that seeks to revolutionize the world of diving through making us aware of the synergy between protecting the biodiversity of the oceanic world and enhancing human health. The world's oceans and seas are the lifeblood of our Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, driving weather, regulating temperature and ultimately supporting all living organisms. Policy makers and marine scientists as well as scuba divers worldwide have the responsibility to provide the credible knowledge on the polluting threats and status of the oceans such that protection and conservation measures can be implemented.

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MEDITATION: Purpose and Practice

Meditation is an intensely personal and spiritual experience. The desired purpose of meditation is to channel awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one's state of mind. The entire process of meditation comprises the three stages of concentration (Dharma), meditation (Dhyana) and enlightenment or absorption (Samadhi). The individual preparing to meditate usually starts off by harnessing awareness, such as focusing the mind onto a certain object. Once attention gets engaged, concentration turns into meditation or Dhyana. And through continuous meditation, the meditator merges with the object of concentration

There are two major meditation techniques. The first technique, concentrative meditation that focuses the attention on the breath, an image or a sound, in order to still the mind and allow a greater awareness and clarity to emerge. Sitting silently and focusing on dynamics of breathing is concentrative meditation in its most basic form. Anxiety causes breathing to become shallow, rigid and uneven. In contrast in a state of tranquility and calmness, breathing is slow, deep and even.

The second technique, mindfulness meditation is to increase awareness of the inundation of “sensations and feelings” around oneself. Here one experiences every aspect of the environment without consciously thinking about or reacting to it, thus gaining intense calmness and clarity.

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What is Zentsu™? Water is the foundation of life in the sense that life on Earth began with one drop of water, that we comprise of some 80% water and we spend the first 9 months of our life in a water womb. For many people when they go to a supermarket and experience the smell of baking bread and cakes, it takes them back to their childhood when mum was baking bread at home. This arouses a very strong feeling of relaxation, security, love and happiness.

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worlds best budget friendly honeymoon destinations

Location: Seririt, Bali, Indonesia
Prices: $254 Starting Room per night
Website: www.zenresortbali.com
As a holistic and wellness sanctuary, Zen Resort Bali is a top destination for newlyweds who need to find zen together as a result of a serene atmosphere and total peaceful surroundings. Zen Resort spends time caring for their guests through attention to detail and insistence upon harmony and love. Its villas are all the embodiment of simply luxury with beautiful and traditional design which complements the surrounding gardens and lush atmosphere. Newlyweds will be wrapped in comfort and connect with each other on a deeper level through the gentle, soulful nourishment which comes at the resort. A honeymoon spent in love and in peace is one to remember.

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Zen Resort Bali Bans the use of Plastic Water Bottles
Be the change we wish to see in the World.

The world's oceans and seas are the lifeblood of our Earth, driving weather, regulating temperature and ultimately supporting all living organisms. We need to recognize the inter-dependency of all life in the world. We cannot continue to use the water world, especially the seas and the oceans as the garbage dump of all waste. Over the last 70 years, the world has produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic and of this, 70% of has been disposed as waste in the water world and landfills, where most of waste eventually also washes down.

In 2016 more than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold across the world, and by 2050 this is projected to increase to over a trillion bottles a year. Whilst the world is already confronted by global warming and climate change due to a host of human and nature activities that emit Green House Gases, recent evidence (PLOS 2018) indicates another not previously recognized source of methane and ethylene emissions from discarded plastic water bottles exposed to sunlight, often floating in the seas and oceans. In the next three decades it is projected that an additional 26 billion tons of plastic will be produced, and with disposal of majority of plastic waste in the water world, it is likely that, ton for ton, there will more plastic waste then fish in the marine world.

The worldwide community of scuba divers and snorkelers, numbering just sixty million compared to a population of 3 billion in coastal areas, are at the forefront being the social conscience and the public voice of the oceanic world, reporting the destructive impact of plastic waste in the marine environment.

At Zen Resort Bali, we have developed Zen Harmony Diving (ZHD), a unique system that integrates scuba diving and snorkelling with holistic wellness including yoga, pranayama, meditation and Ayurveda empowering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through effective and efficient underwater controlled breathing, meditative focus and free flow physical exercise. This experience also transforms every diver into a true environmental ambassador of the underwater world. Our vision and mission at ZHD is to co-create and revolutionize the world of diving to substantially increase the community of scuba divers and snorkelers and to enhance wider public awareness of the need to change our interface with all forms of marine life and protect the oceanic world, our largest and most precious natural resource.

Humans as a single species is poisoning and killing thousands if not millions of other living species. We talk of human rights, but we forget the universal rights of millions of other living species that inhabit our one Earth, especially the water world that is home to millions of yet undiscovered species.

Here at Zen Resort Bali, we are committed to be the change we wish to see in others for a sustainable and progressive world. We henceforth ban the use of plastic water bottles at Zen and call on all hotels and resorts around the world, as well as the public at large, to stop the use of plastic water bottles. Sustainable development and protection of the water world is an imperative and not an option. Let us initiate a global movement of “No more plastic waste in our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.”