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Zen Resort Bali and Zen Dive Bali

Zen Harmony Free-diving developed at Zen Resort Bali is a concept and practice that integrates diving with pranayama, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, enabling and empowering divers to discover the rich marine life of the underwater world whilst experiencing an exceptional pathway to health, wellbeing and fitness through controlled breath-holding to expand lung capacity, enhanced meditative focus and free-flow exercise, thus giving an experience of ultimate freedom in a weightless water environment.

There are striking similarities between free-diving and yoga, which are both rooted in breath control, awareness, meditation and relaxation. During a free-dive, divers become one with their breath, body and environment – a situation which parallels meditating in lotus position after yoga asanas and pranayama. Zen Harmony Free-diving brings the meditative limb of yoga off the mat and into water.

Breath-holding makes up an important part of the specific part of yoga called pranayama – breathing and breath holding exercises to optimize the life force (prana) and gain full mental control. When holding your breath, you can learn to change your brain activity (frequency of electrical impulses) and go into a state of flow whence the notion of time disappears, and you become what you do. You don’t fight it but rather let go. This is what the best athletes in the world are masters at – and one explanation to their incredible peak performances.

Complete relax¬ation and concentration/meditation generates a sensation of euphoria and rapture, which creates mental clarity that may rest in the body for hours or even days after a successful dive. Yoga and Free-diving are complimentary as in both cases breath control enhances feelings of ultimate freedom enabling moving from fear to trust, enhancing the ability to stay calm under pressure, increasing lung capacity and being fit, healthy and mentally at peace.

During a free-dive with a single breath, gracefully descending into the deep feeling as stresses and tensions disappearing and the mind and body focuses on equalization, embracing the present moment and letting of go of worries and weights, all resulting in ultimate freedom of just being. There is no other way to explore the deep blue free of constraints, of moving through water free to admire the underwater beauty and serenity, up close and alongside interacting with the amazing diversity of marine life like one of their own.

The world’s oceans and seas, accounting for some 95% of the world’s water and covering some 70% of the planet’s surface, are the lifeblood of our Earth, driving weather and regulating temperature and home to millions of invaluable marine plant and animal species.

Marine scientists and ocean conservationists have the responsibility to provide credible knowledge on the plight of the oceanic world - the degradation and destruction of the marine world by global warming and climate change and the rampant dumping of escalating land-based waste. But it is the worldwide community of divers, estimated to be less then 70 million, that needs to be increased many-fold to become the conscience and public voice of marine protection and sustainable development of the marine world, petitioning Governments and decision makers to implement actions to protect our most precious natural resource.

Historically free-diving has been an important source of food and livelihood earning resource form many poor fishers in small islands and in coastal area. Over three billion people live in coastal areas around the world there is great scope to increase the number of people going diving, especially free-diving..

If you care to enhance your health and wellbeing - physically, mentally and spiritually - and are committed to making our world sustainable, then come and experience Zen Harmony Free-diving and discover a wonderful world of health, harmony and ultimate freedom.

Zen Harmony Free-diving Course and Certification

Zen Harmony Free-diving Packages include transportation to and from Zen Resort, air-conditioned sea-view villa accommodation and all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), daily mineral water, flowers and fruit basket, Sunrise Meditation, Sunset Yoga and four hands Ayurvedic treatments and excursions as specified in the package. You will also have an ayurveda wellness consultation with the resident ayurveda expert, including assessment of your dosha, constitution, ailments and lifestyle assessment. All diving services and equipment and transfers to and from the diving sites and lunch at the diving site are included.

The PADI Free-diver certification course consists of three main phases:
* Knowledge development about Free-diving principles through independent study with the PADI Free-diver Touch™ (and instructor conducted class sessions).
* Confined water session to learn breath hold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea. Goal – static apnea of 90 seconds and dynamic apnea of 25 meters/80 feet.
* Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight free-dives, plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – constant weight free-dive of 10 meters/30 feet.

ZHFD3: Zen Harmony Free-diving -Introduction “Basic Free-diver”3 Nights / 4 Days; Non-Certified Free-divers

Discover Zen Harmony Free-diving Program is for people without previous experience in Free-diving. It is a perfect way to find out what Free-diving is all about. After arrival and Zentsu relaxation in our pool you will meet your Zen Harmony Free-diving Professionals for a briefing and instruction session for next day’s program.

It is a step-by-step introduction with theory and overall explanation; followed by a confined water session where people will make their first dives in the safe environment and open water dives. The Entire program is conducted under a direct supervision of our Zen Harmony Free-diving professionals.

All Prices below are subject to 11% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Sunrise or Sunset Seaview Deluxe Villa Double Occupancy USD 890 per person;
Sunrise or Sunset Seaview Deluxe Villa Single Occupancy USD 990.

  • Day 1: Afternoon arrival; Mandi Lulur (traditional Balinese massage and floral bath), Zen Harmony Diving Consultation.
  • Day 2: Zen Harmony Pre-dive Yoga; Zentsu; Discover Zen Harmony Diving (theory session Equipment, Physiology, Diaphragmatic breathing, Free-diving basic principles. Breathing and relaxation, breath hold coaching, intro to breath holding); Abhyanga Oil; Ayurveda Wellness Consultation.
  • Day 3: Zen Harmony Pre-dive Yoga; confined water Pool session - basic Free-diving skills: equalization, body position, finning, duck-dives, Dynamic and static attempts; open water dives Reflexology.
  • Day 4: Sunrise Dolphin sail; Departure.
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