Zen Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama

Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama range from gentle movements to increase stamina and suppleness to more energetic practices as well as effective and efficient breathing, silence and concentration, all of which harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Each session is adapted to enhance experience that expands your body awareness and enhances the feeling of inner peace through gentle and strenuous yoga, mediation and pranayama.

At Zen the daily sunrise and sunset yoga, meditation and pranayama classes, with two to three teachers and trainers in attendance, are tailored to suit individual needs and can be taken privately or as part of a group session in our Avani yoga pavilion surrounded by tropical gardens, on the Nirvanam tree tops sunrise terrace with rolling views across rice fields, vineyards and on to the alluring Bali Sea or in the Ashram room and library.


Yoga comprises of three fundamentals, the external relating to physical health and fitness, the internal to the psychological health and intellect, and the innermost to spirituality and benevolence. At Zen, begin every day with sunrise yoga and also end the day with sunset yoga.

Zen Yoga


Meditation is based on the principles of concentration and consciousness, without which logical and successful solutions of physical, mental, or spiritual tasks would be difficult to accomplish. Zen Resort’s tree-tops meditation terrace is the perfect location for sunrise and sunset meditation.

Zen Meditation


Pranayama is the science of controlled, regulated and effective breathing, thus purifying the physical body and bringing inner peace to the mind and soul. At Zen, pranayama is a daily practice integrated as part of yoga and meditation.

Zen Pranayama