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OCTOBER 16-23 - Bali, Indonesia

Come away for 7 Days of Art & Adventure, Creative Writing & Self-Love, Nature & Wellness, Conscious Manifestation & Empowering Self-Creation on the Island of the Gods!


What would you do if you were free to create?

What new reality would you want to experience? What people would you meet? What places would you visit? What wonders would you make if you knew you cannot fail?

What if everything you’ve been after all these years was already inside you, waiting to be accepted, loved and manifested into your reality?

What if you could turn your life into art, your letdowns into lessons, your failures into fuel, your lack into abundance, your fear into love, your dreams into reality?


Are you tired of ignoring your truth, suppressing your desires, missing the wonder & beauty of your life, dimming your light, cancelling your creativity, quieting your heart and delaying your aliveness for “someday,” or “later” after all your to-do’s are checked off?

Are you sick of keeping your eyes glued to a screen for most of your days, hyperconnected to an isolating virtual reality, while growing more disconnected from the authentic deep relationships you crave?

Are you addicted to your worries, fears, stress and obligations, while chasing an idea of happiness that keeps eluding you?

Are you willing to let go of your survival story, and and step into your full aliveness story?

Are you ready to become the Chief Creator of your own Reality, the Artist of your Life, the truest and fullest expression of your soul?

Group Retreat


If you are hungry for more life, longing for deep connections, restless with wanderlust, needing to love and to prioritize yourself, desiring to create a more aligned Story of You and to experience a complete rebirth of mind, body, heart and soul…

Join us for 7 Days of Art and Adventure, Writing and Self-Love, Nature & Wellness, Conscious Manifestation, Soulful Connections and Empowering Self-Creation on the Island of the Gods!

Signs You need a Creative Resurrection

  • You’ve got the post-pandemic blues: a cocktail of fear, stagnation, what-if’s, what-if-not’s, what-for, Stockholm syndrome (aka, falling in love with your captivity and isolation), loneliness, distraction, apathy, feeling disconnected, lack of motivation or purpose, feeling at a crossroads in life and lacking the willpower to start a new chapter…
  • Your creativity has stopped flowing and you’ve been feeling stuck, directionless, uncertain or uninspired in one or more areas of your life.
  • You are restless yet rootless, your soul is often homeless and longing for a deeper, more authentic connection to your true self and to like-minded soulful creators. 
  • You want to open up to life in a deeper way, but you don’t feel safe, understood or motivated in your usual surroundings. You need the impulse, the inspiration, the connections and support to help you let go of what is still holding you back and launch yourself into your desired reality.
  • You’re an adventurer at heart. You like to stretch your comfort zone, and get to know yourself as you explore the world. You want to break free from your usual routine and see your life from a new vantage point, as you experience new adventures, perspectives and connections.
  • You have a deep desire to create + express yourself, as well as an insatiable curiosity about other cultures, countries and ways of life — and you’d like to further awaken and nourish this passion within you.
  • You want to deepen your relationship with yourself, reconnect with your soul, and create + experience your life from your inner power, love and fulfillment vs. depending on outer circumstances or other people’s validation and approval.
  • You don’t just want to be informed and entertained by an experience; you need to be transformed, touched to the core, and challenged to be more.

How will Creative Rehab help you fall in love with life?

Through workshops, group coaching + mindset training in Writing + Self-Expression, Self-Love, Manifestation, Wealth and Self-Creation, combined with Yoga & Meditation, time in Nature, Wellness treatments, local Adventures, Friendship and Connection, the Creative Rehab Bali experience will jumpstart your heart back to life and help you:

Love Yourself

Own your worth and understand your crucial role as the Artist of Your Life. Empower your vision, give meaning to your mission, and start designing your life, work and story in this world, with renewed purpose and passion.


Ignite your Creativity

Get fresh ideas, insight, new possibilities and energy to create your desired reality. Start seeing yourself from a different vantage point that adds more value, perspective and beauty to your life. Awaken your senses, release stagnant energy and get inspired + empowered to create.

Begin or deepen your healing

Let go of stagnant energy – in your mind, body and heart – as you become more aware and sensitive to your needs and desires. Reconnect with nature and recognize yourself as an essential part of the whole.


Change your life’s story and transform your self-concept

Let go of any disempowering stories you believe about yourself and shift your identity to your most alive, fulfilled, empowered, abundant, loving state of consciousness. Start seeing your life from a Creator’s Paradigm vs. a Victim or Suvirvor mindset.

Be romanced by life

Awaken your senses and allow yourself to receive more love, beauty and bliss in your life. Recover the spiritual truths, the transcendence, the divine appreciation of beauty and the exuberant joy you may have lost in the fires of life.


Connect with like-minded creators

One of the highlights of this adventure is the connection you will form with other Creators, Artists of Life, Adventurers, and Soulful Rebels like yourself, who will inspire you to live deeper, love yourself better, feel less alone, practice kindness and empathy, and dare to create the life you want.


What’s so amazing about Bali?

Famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, luscious rainforests, surf beaches and coral reefs, as well as its magnificent temples, warm and welcoming culture, delicious food and world-class accommodation — topped only by the hospitality, kindness and creativity of its people, Bali has become a sanctuary for Creators, Adventurers and Artists of Life.


The Balinese people celebrate nature, family, animals, the earth, their gods, and each other, more frequently and openly than any other culture. Their celebrations usually consist of acts of gratitude, purification ceremonies, sacred music, dance and offerings, followed by family meals and quality time together.

The contagious joyful energy of the island and its people is palpable as soon as you land, and it makes you feel at home, no matter where you come from.

Bali is also the international hot spot for a variety of cultures, ethnicities, cuisines, as well as different spiritual practices, healing modalities, lifestyles and philosophies.

Let Bali be your initiation to a life more creative, adventurous and abundant, your voyage of self-discovery and self-love, your pilgrimage of healing, self-creation and empowerment!


What will we do together for a week?

Here is a detailed overview of our Creative Rehab Bali adventure together. The retreat combines the 5 pillars of Self-Creation that will provide you with an all-inclusive, holistic and deeply transformative experience.


Our daily workshops in creative writing, self-love, self-creation, conscious manifestation, wealth and art therapy (4+ hours daily for 5 days) will help you:

  • Become the conscious and deliberate Creator of your life. Start seeing your life like a work of art and living a purpose-centered existence that empowers you and inspires others. Rediscover your creative mission + vision, and start aligning with your desired reality.
  • Find, strengthen and/or refine your writing + communication skills through storytelling, self-expression and self-inquiry as well as art therapy.
  • Learn to love yourself in a deeper, life-changing way. Upgrade your self-concept, transform the way you think + feel about yourself, and shift your identity to match your desired reality. Create a new Love Story with Life, from within.
  • Start knowing and owning your worth, practice abundance daily, become a money magnet, and create more wealth in your reality.
  • Learn the Art of Conscious Manifestation and start leveraging your god-like power through proven mind-bending techniques to create your reality. Prepare yourself for magic. ✨


We’ll do this through fun and exciting half-day adventures. You can join us on all or any of the local adventures, or opt for extra rest, writing + soul-searching. Or you can request an equivalent cultural activity or wellness treatment instead:

  • We’ll sail at sunrise with dolphins. One of the TOP FAVORITE and most memorable experiences at Creative Rehab Bali. We can’t wait to share this magic with you.
  • We’ll swim at hot springs, visit sacred temples and hike through rice fields and green and luscious forests. Indiana Jones style, but without the stress.
  • OPTIONAL: We’ll snorkel and scuba dive at Menjangan Island – in the Bali Sea – with Zen Harmony Diving, the resort’s holistic diving center. Alternative cooking class or wellness treatment available.


Your transformation also requires a physical, mental and spiritual journey inward, to the core of you, where real change begins. Detoxing your mind through meditation and your body through yoga is an important part of this transformation.

  • You’ll have a chance to welcome each day at the first break of light with Zen Resort’s daily hour-long sunrise meditation.
  • Followed by an hour of morning yoga that will help you work through your physical blocks, open up the creative flow, and energize you for the day ahead. All before breakfast!


Your body is your home and the most sacred vessel through which you experience reality. The otherworldly Wellness Treatments at Zen Resort will help you heal, love and honor it for the wonder it is:

  • Give your body the rest, love and nourishment that it needs and deserves, at the Zen Resort Spa on site, through a wide variety of Ayurveda massages and wellness treatments delivered with care by highly trained therapists.
  • As part of your retreat package, you get one 60-minute massage, as well as one 30-minute integrated wellness consultation with the Ayurveda Naturopathy doctor on site to discuss your body type and recommended improvements.
  • In addition to what’s already included in your retreat package, you may opt for additional treatments a la carte (more than 30 available).


Let yourself be loved, seen and celebrated, as you begin to truly see, create and celebrate yourself, others, and all the life within and around you.

  • During our week together we’ll practice different creative rituals, as well as traditional Balinese ceremonies, a culture show and other celebrations that will delight your senses, deepen your connection to the divine as well as other kindred creators adventuring with you, and renew your commitment to yourself and the world.
  • We invite you to open your heart and your senses, and let yourself be loved!
Here are some of the wonders that await you at Creative Rehab Bali:

What to expect from this life-changing adventure...

  • You will create yourself through different workshops, daily coaching, inspiration, guidance and training. You will refine your creative self-expression, deepen your self-love, upgrade your mission, vision and purpose for the next phase of your life, awaken to your god-self, and learn the art of consciously creating and manifesting your reality,
  • You’ll meditate, practice self-inquiry, connect with nature, and get reacquainted with the story that your soul is here to express, create and experience.
  • You’ll play, eat healthy food and laugh, do yoga, swim and relax. 
  • You’ll sail with dolphins at sunrise, you’ll visit waterfalls, temples and rice fields, and let yourself be loved by Bali and its people. 
  • You’ll get the most amazing massages and wellness treatments you’ve possibly ever experienced. Seriously!
  • You’ll let go of what is holding you back, and get to know and love yourself deeper.
  • You’ll be reminded that your life is sacred, and that your voice, work and choices make a difference in this world. 
  • You’ll take lots of pictures and videos. 
  • You’ll make new friends and you’ll connect with other soulful creators in a deep heart-to-heart way beyond a screen, who will support and root for you in the months and years to come. 
  • You’ll adventure into the peaceful Bali Sea (North of Bali) for snorkeling and scuba diving. Or choose a Balinese cooking class, an art therapy workshop or an extra wellness treatment.  
  • You’ll remember that the point of YOU is not survival, but bliss, joy and aliveness, and that you can absolutely create and experience the life you want deep down.

Ready to take a leap into the beautiful unknown, explore the depth of your humanity, connect with nature and other creators, take a break from the rat race, the fear, the stress and worries, and create yourself anew as you nourish your heart, mind and body back to life?

WARNING: This retreat will not help you escape your reality, but to create a more expansive, abundant, loving and aware version of it.

Only apply if you really want to change your life for the better.

Who is this adventure for?

Creative Rehab Bali is for soulful creators from all walks of life, in search of not just adventure, but also life-changing content, not just the thrill and the beauty of travel, but also the substance of a deeper love affair with life, not just an instant creative revolution but also the creative evolution, growth and expansion that comes after.

You may attend solo, with a partner, or a friend or several friends. Please note that all prices listed are PER PERSON as an all-inclusive Retreat Package.

SPECIAL “BRING A FRIEND” DISCOUNT 🎁 If you bring a friend or partner – as a companion or a referral, you each get an additional $200 OFF, that can also be applied retroactively, if you join at different times. Contact us for details and the discount code >>

Scroll down to the pricing section to see what’s included in your Retreat Package.

Solo Travelers booking their spot in a double occupancy villa will be assigned a roommate also traveling solo.

Around half of our participants are solo travelers and book their spot in a double occupancy villa. If you fall in this category and you haven’t traveled solo before or attended this type of event, don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands and great company.

The available spots are limited to 15-20 participants – first-come, first-served. We are unable to reserve your spot unless you sign up.

The average age of our participants ranges between mid to late 20s and mid to late 50s, although all adults over 21 are welcome. If you are under 21, this event is not (yet) for you.

The atmosphere at Creative Rehab Bali is ideal for a small group experience, where we can get to know each other, and truly connect with kindred creators, heart to heart.

If this might be the life-changing adventure you need, don’t leave it for later. Our Creative Rehab retreats tend to sell out in advance. Book your spot NOW to get the best deal available.

Where is our adventure taking place?

Our chosen paradise for Creative Rehab Bali is the Zen Resort Bali – a breathtaking holistic butique resort located in the tranquil and luscious North of Bali.

The Zen Resort specializes in Ayurveda lifestyle, philosophy, food and wellness, in addition to their eco-centered service and facilities.

Tucked away in the jungle, removed from traffic, free of pollution and now surrounded by a spectacular 8-Hectare Japanese forest and an organic garden – the Zen Resort Bali has been hosting our retreat since 2016 and it comes as close to a paradise on earth as it gets.

In addition to all the villas, the resort includes a covered open-air Yoga studio as well as a Bamboo Forest Yoga-Meditation Platform, overlooking the rice fields and the Sea of Bali, a Wellness Center, an Ayurveda cuisine Restaurant, a Meeting + Workshop Studio, a Meditation area, a beautiful infinity Swimming Pool and many spots for rest, fun and relaxation.

During the recent lockdowns, the Zen Resort staff has built a NEW 8-Hectare Japanese forest surrounding the resort and extending all the way to the shore of the Bali Sea, filled with ancient trees to hug, wild birds, exotic butterflies, and free-flow natural mineral water ponds to help you rejuvenate and heal.

They have also recently created a NEW organic vegetable garden, a vineyard and a mango-coconut-cocoa-moringa plantation where you can pick your own veggies and fruits and have them prepared for you by the staff.

We’re sooo excited about the new additions and we can’t wait to enjoy them with you!

The Zen Resort also happens to be a top favorite and still somewhat private destination (shhh, don’t tell) for artists, creators, actors, healers, entrepreneurs, scientists, even astronauts, as well as a Travellers’ Choice Winner on Trip Advisor. Check out the outstanding reviews HERE.

With their impeccable service, care and attention to detail, as well as the love and positive energy of the staff, the Zen Resort Bali has become a part of our extended family in Bali and we can’t wait to introduce you to this healing life oasis.

our life is your art. Become the artist.
Come love it and create it!

Our Creative Rehab retreats tend to sell out fast. This is an in-person event + small group experience with limited spots, so when it fills up we can’t receive any new participants.

If this might be the life-changing adventure you need, don’t leave it for later.



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