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Holistic Wellness: The Pathway to Human Wellbeing


Bali, renowned for the blissful beauty of its rice-fields, luscious rainforests, surf beaches and spectacular diving, hundreds of thousands of homes and public magnificent temples with daily spiritual offerings and gratitude ceremonies as well as the welcoming culture is famed for the loving kindness, compassion and heart-warming hospitality of the Balinese people.  All these aspects have made Bali, one of the world’s foremost wellness and spiritual group retreat destinations.

Dr Mahendra Shah , the founder of Zen Resort Bali, has dedicated his life to Sustainable Development with multiple decades of work with the United Nations, the World Bank, International Science and Policy Research Institutions as well as investment policy adviser to Governments and private sector funds. In 2002 while participating in the UN preparatory meeting for the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development, it really hit home that the world cannot be sustainable without human beings themselves being sustainable. Fast forward a few years, and Dr Shah is now prioritizing the sustainability of human lifestyles at “Zen Resort Bali”, a holistic and wellness sanctuary where worn out bodies, minds and souls can rejuvenate and in harmony with themselves, others and nature once again.

Zen vision is to create a holistic wellness resorts around the world that empowers guests with knowledge and means to achieve harmony with their body, mind and spirit through healthy nutrition, balanced physical, mental and spiritual exercise, integrated wellness therapies and recreational activities. We draw upon vast experiences of traditional medicine and healthcare practices from around the world and integrate them with modern medicine and health systems. We strive to recognize people as complex living beings, rather than a combination of parts, systems and symptoms.

The 21st century Modern lifestyles, being rampantly adopted around the world,  are characterized by unhealthy diets, inadequate physical, psychological and spiritual exercise, stress at home, stress at work and life in an increasingly polluted world. This combination has resulted in widespread ailments and diseases, including depression, mental illness, migraines, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and more. Most countries simply do not have the modern healthcare resources to confront these emerging health and wellness burdens of modern lifestyles

Zen mission is to increase awareness of the health and wellbeing risks of the way we are living and share the integrated holistic wellness programs we have developed. We believe these interventions deliver the right mix of preventive, restorative, curative and sustaining experiences that people truly need. There is not one straightforward path to healing from health ailments including anxiety, fear and sadness, rather one must harness and integrate different dimensions of wellbeing including Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, pranayama, naturopathy, healthy and delicious cuisine, recreational activities such as Zen harmony diving and snorkelling as well mindfulness and creative rehab.

At Zen Resort we practice inclusive business as well as inclusive sustainable development measures, for example, solar power, water recycling, ecologic waste disposal and we support local community development comprising employment and livelihoods generation, crop agriculture  and artisan fisheries advisory, yoga and meditation classes for the local village children and the elderly, weekly beach cleaning by Zen staff and guests and support to a number of relief aid charities.

Over the last 15 years many guests from around the world have experienced wellness and healing at Zen. Our philosophy remains unchanged and our passion undiminished. We provide every guest with healthy practices and wellness regimes they can incorporate into their daily lives. We are now on a mission to develop Zen Holistic Wellness Boutique Resorts around the world.

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Zen Resort Bali Staff Zenchi

During the current pandemic lockdowns and closure of many hotels and resorts around the world the workforce was laid, often with loss of income and with little or no access to social security support. We at Zen Resort Bali decided to keep all our staff working normally to develop a regenerative organic vegetable and fruit farm and a Shirin Yuko forest bathing facility with free flow spring rejuvenation ponds in our 6 Hectares adjoining forest property on a river bank. Further we also created recreational eco-forest hiking, built birds and butterflies viewing platforms overlooking rice fields and vineyards and wide open views over the Sea of Bali. The local rice field farmers generously came forward and offered us the possibility of rice field trekking to the beach.
This integration of Nature with a focus on recreational activities and forest bathing immunity enhancement complements Zen Resort’s renowned Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama and Zen Harmony Diving to provide a complete wellbeing resort facility in a beautiful unspoilt and serene environment in North Bali, overlooking rice fields, vineyards, forests and wide open Sea views with a secluded beach just 300 meters away.
All our staff, from the spa and yoga therapists, service staff and managers, a total of 65 people, all came together to dig and prepare the farm land as well as carry the building materials including buckets of cement, sand and bricks to the building site some 150 meters distance below Zen. This labour of love during the pandemic crisis highlights the true spirit of the Balinese people and what makes Bali such a unique and safe tourism destination. During the last 6 months of the Pandemic, none of our 65 staff and their families as well as all villagers within a distance of some 15 kms of Zen Resort have encountered a single case of Covid19 infection or death.


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Unique Holistic Wellness Destination in Perception and Reality in the wake of the Covid19 Pandemic

A safe tourism environment in wake of Covid19 Pandemic

No sign of Pandemic in this serene and secured North Bali location overlooking rice fields, vineyards and natural forest with wide open views of the Sea of Bali. Covid19 protocols, policies and procedures were implemented from the outset by local authorities as well as the genetics, natural immunity, spirituality and the asymptomatic of the Balinese perhaps explains not a single known case of corona infection or Covid19 death in the local village of Uma Anyar (Home of some 65 Zen Staff) and neighbouring villages in a radius of some 20 Kms as well. Bali with a population of 4.4 million, saw 2358 COVID19 infections with 27 deaths, equivalent to 0.5 deaths per 100000 population, being less then Japan and South Korea and comparable to New Zealand population of 4.8 million with 1545 infections and 22 deaths

Wellness and Recreation and Wellness facilities at Zen

Includes authentic Ayurveda, Thai, Balinese and International Spa, many locations for private yoga and meditation, Zenchi fitness, Art therapy, rice field trekking hiking, unique Zen harmony scuba diving and snorkelling, culture and ecological excursions, the new forest bathing facility and more. Ayurveda Doctor and certified therapists, Emotional Wellbeing Consultants, Yoga , Meditation and Pilates teachers, Integrated Detoxification body, mind and soul programs, digital detox areas, Juice Detox and Panchakarma, Organic and Dosha balancing nutritional cuisine, Regular seminars and discussions on Holistic Wellness, Sustainable development, challenges of Modern Lifestyles and adoption of sustainable life styles etc

Zen Resort Bali – unique holistic wellness destination perception – shah

shirin yuko
shirin yuko

Zen Resort Bali: Shinrin Yuko Forest Immunity Therapy

During the Covid19 pandemic, scientist and Doctors have highlighted that healthy eating, balanced physical, mental and spiritual exercise and fortified immunity are factors that can reduce the severity and risks of the Covid18 infection and enhance recovery. In the 6 month period of tourism lockdown, we developed a unique Immunity strengthening and wellness enhancing Shirin Yuko Forest Therapy facility at Zen Resort. This also incorporates rejuvenating natural mineral water free-flow ponds as well as an Organic Regenerative farm producing most of the resort’s needs of Vegetables, Fruits, Culinary and Medicinal Herbs. The Zen Rice field, Vineyard, Mango Plantation and Cocoa plantation further enhances the unique sustainable agricultural farm and Natural forest environment, alive with birds, bees and butterflies, to be admired from a number of traditional treetop observation posts as well as yoga and meditation platforms.

shirin yuko
shirin yuko

Zen Resort forest and farm property comprising some 8 hectares of forested land and plenty of walking pathways along a spring water river with many secluded spots to meditate and mature trees to hug is ideal for simply being immersed in Nature, connecting with it through your senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The wellbeing benefits of Shirin Yuko Forest Immunity includes reduced stress hormone cortisol production, better concentration and improved feelings of happiness and mental wellbeing, enhanced creativity, lower anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure and breathing ‘phytoncides” emitted by trees and plants, strengthen the immune system and accelerate health and wellbeing. The sounds of the forest, the scent and touch of the trees, the sunlight playing through the leaves, the fresh, clean air and more that give us a sense of comfort. They ease our stress and worry, help us to relax and to think more clearly. Everyone needs to refresh, rejuvenate and reset regularly to stay healthy and happy. Come and experience Zen Resort  Forest Immunity,  where all your senses will be touched and rejuvenated, inspiring your transformation towards living sustainably in harmony with Nature.



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