Zen Cuisine: Nourishment of Body, Mind and Soul

Eating Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious Cuisine keeps Body,
Mind, Heart and Soul in sync. Think Global and Eat Local empowers
Zen Chefs to daily Harvest Produce from our on-Site Farm

The beginning of any wellness journey is the realization that health begins within with the nourishment we consume. Eating healthy and nutritious as well as delicious food helps us keep our mind, body and spirit in sync. At Zen, our cuisine is based on the mantra “Think Global, Eat Local”, with our chefs crafting menus that are inspired by global flavors and the local organic produce and creatively utilizing the optimum use of herbs and spices and gentle methods of preparation.

We focus on a Farm to Table concept to provide our guests with an memorable healthy and delicious dining experience. The process of nourishing begins outside the kitchen, from our on-site organic farm as well sourcing from a community of local famers and fisherman in the vicinity of Zen as well as from Bedugul, the center of organic food, culinary and medicinal herbs production in Bali.

Zen cuisine is characterized by creativity, the innovative use of herbs and spices, and gentle preparation methods. Our chefs have been trained to create healthy cuisine from around the world including, Balinese and Indonesian, Indian, Continental, Mexican, Oriental as well as European.

Eating better from a nutritional perspective, helps us revitalize our lives, but along with the food we eat, how we eat is also very important. At Zen we focus strongly on the idea of eating better from a psychological perspective as well. How food is experienced has everything to do with the ambience, with the rituals surrounding the meal, and the people whom we share our table with.


Whether you are searching for clarity, seeking help for a specific health concern or in need of rejuvenation, Zen’s natural, integrative approach to wellbeing can help restore your internal balance and help you live a life happier and healthier. Our approach to health begins with the strength and fitness of your body, deepens to the attainment of emotional stability, and finally leads you to intellectual clarity; a more rounded knowledge of yourself and the world around you.

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