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Overlooking the Sea of Bali, nestled in tropical gardens & surrounded by nature, a holistic wellbeing Ayurveda-Yoga-Diving-Beach-Boutique all-inclusive resort to Relax, Rejuvenate, De-stress, Slimming and Emotional Healing. Experience the Holistic Wellbeing Pathway to Sustainable Development in Harmony with Nature. We offer all-inclusive 3 to 21 Night Wellbeing, Relaxation, Rejuvenation Programs for Solo, Families & Groups
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The Soul Of Zen

Zen Video

A holistic wellbeing journey discovering Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Cuisine, Culture Harmony Diving, Culture, Forest Immunity and Wellbeing Innovations at Zen Resort Bali, Please find the Time and Patience to watch this Video, it just might change your life

Zen Forest Immunity

A Immunity enhancing Shirin Yuko Forest Therapy, Mineral water free-flow bathing ponds, Regenerative Organic Farm, Rice field, Vineyard, Mango and Cocoa Plantation and Natural forest with trees to hug, all alive with birds, bees, butterflies & yoga and meditation decks

Zen Covid19 Precautions

Pick up- drop sanitised car, Masks & Water bottles; Contactless check-in/out; Staff Face Masks +Shields; Guest Face Masks;  Furnishings Sanitised; TEMP Checks;  29 Villas & Forest-Farm in 10 Ha land; Doctor(s) available 24h; Not a single Covid19 infection – Zen Staff

Zen Holistic Wellbeing

Spa, Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama, Mediation, Nutrition,
Detoxification, Forest Immunity, Harmony Diving, Detox,
Nature and Cultural Excursions

The Science

Of Life

Ayurveda is a holistic philosophy of well-being, the science of life and the art of healing. It's aim is to treat the body, mind and soul as interrelated and by doing so, it brings harmony to our biological, physical and neurological systems.

The Temple Of


Zen Amaris ayurvedic four-hand treatments are emotive and empowering. At the beginning of each Ayurvedic massage, our therapists gently chant a surround-sound Sanskrit mantra to set the energy in the room and prepare you for a revelatory experience.

The Asanas Consciousness

of Wellbeing

At Zen we think of Yoga as an art form, a way of life that explores the harmony between mind, body and soul.
It’s about much more than burning calories and toning muscles. Yoga combines strengthening and stretching poses with coordinated breathing and meditative focus. At Zen, Yoga has its own philosophy and spiritual meaning that guides our guests to a new level of consciousness.



Meditation is an essential part of our guests’ experience. In the short term, it offers serenity. Given time, it leads to a shift in consciousness that supports physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
The aim of Meditation is simple: To foster awareness and clarity. At first attending to the intake and outtake of breath, and then to the thoughts that meander through the mind as the session goes on. The idea is to notice internal and external distractions without reacting to them.

The Life-Force of


Breathing is something we take very seriously at Zen Resort. After all, without breath there is no life. It is the first and last thing we do; a constant we all have in common.
Yet the art and importance of proper breathing are far from familiar concepts in today’s world. Our hectic lives leave little room to spend time considering their impact, to observe how breathing runs parallel to everyday stress and physical habits to affect our wellbeing.


Of Health

Zen chefs mindfully craft "Think Global, Eat Local" menus using organic produce from our on-site farm as well as sourcing local products, catering for diet preferences including vegan and vegetarian as well as dosha balancing Ayurveda recipes We offer international cuisine and we emphasize the age-old tradition of people eating together and bonding.

The Harmony

Of Diving

We consider Zen Harmony Diving to experience the amazing of the marine world as complimentary to human health and fitness since diving entails the practice of controlled and effective breathing, meditative relaxation as well as gentle free flow physical exercise which essential to human wellness.

The Wellbeing Detox of


We live in a world of toxins that interact and affect every aspect of our lives and it is the physical, mental and spiritual contaminants that are the drivers of our health, wellbeing and happiness. It is important to regularly cleanse and detoxify our body, mind and soul. Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, Healthy Nutrition, Juice Detox, Panchakarma as well as mindful evaluation of our beliefs and spirituality which shape the way we think and act and what makes us happy, hopeful, caring, understanding and resilient are all components of integrated Detoxification programs at Zen

Zen Wellbeing Innovations

Zen Innovations have been Designed to Deliver with Compassion and Empathy Holistic Wellbeing and Sustainable Lifestyle Transformations, Creativity and Healing Ceremonies as well as Nature Harmony



At Zen the wellness and dosha consultation starts with a questionnaire that covers six elements of wellbeing, namely physical, diet, fitness, mental, behavioural and emotional. The results of the questionnaire forms the basis of the discussion and consultation with a multidisciplinary team comprising of Ayurveda and Naturopathy Doctors, yoga and meditation masters, spa therapists, diet, nutrition and detoxification as well as health and fitness experts. This integrated consultation is relevant to customising the individual guest program to experience sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes that can best enhance their wellbeing and personal development.

Healing Relaxation


Zen Mantra, a surround-sound Sanskrit Mantra chanting by one therapist in front and two at the back of the guest, sets the Theta Rhythm energy flow such that you are mentally receptive to embrace the ayurvedic therapy. The vibrations of the synchronized chanting, calling on nature’s healing energy, cannot be described, it’s something to be experienced. Many of our guests report this experience as being transformed into deep relaxation, whispering “please take my body, my mind and my soul and heal me”



Zentsu, an emotionally and spiritually healing therapy comprises floating on the surface of the swimming pool, being rocked side to side at a frequency as experienced in the womb. The feelings of buoyancy in water is intimately connected to our first experience of being alive in the womb and this, re-enacting of life formation for many guests is deeply relaxing and for some even results in a revelatory rebirth experience that enhances empathy and contributes to parental bonding.

Sunrise Yoga,


The Nirvanam Sanctuary surrounded by vibrant forest, rice fields and vineyards with panoramic sea-views is the setting at sunrise Zenchi, a daily practice, comprising of 15 minutes of therapeutic yoga to enhances blood circulation and relax muscles and joints, 15 minutes of pranayama bringing in maximum oxygen and toxins out and 15 minutes of meditation, inducing consciousness, compassion and gratitude. Daily Zenchi energises and enhances physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing and a “feeling good” factor reduces the stresses and strains of the day ahead stress-free daily.

Self-Healing and


The Zen healing tree, considered by spiritual healers and visiting Tibetan monks to be a high energy site, is the location to mindfully “let-go” the traumas and sad experiences of life as well as celebrating the gratitude of relationships and life. Many of our guests, sitting for about an hour in meditation are receptive to emotional self-healing and destressing, especially effective after a few days Zen immersion that enhances being in harmony personally, with fellow beings and with nature and that together mobilises the logic to self-heal “let-go”.

Flower Homage And

Fire Ceremony

Firstly the Zen flower ceremony entails writing the names of all the people and pets that have made positive contributions in your life and for each name paying homage and gratitude with a flower. This expression of gratitude gives rise to memories of the beauty of one’s life and this is emotionally moving and spiritually uplifting. Secondly, the Zen Fire Ceremony comprises burning to ashes a written list of the all the problematic and worrisome issues that you wish to let go. The combination of a flower and fire ceremony is spiritually uplifting and empowers us to make our lives and relationships better.

The Temple of

Ayurveda Wellness

Zen Amaris Spa is the meeting point of ancient wisdom and modern science offering relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative health, beauty and wellness. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the holistic treatments are individually customised to balance the entire being, counter the effects of stress and ageing, and bestow upon each guest a true feeling of wellbeing transformation. This empowers health, wellbeing and happiness and guests take home the experiences and means to add a degree of permanence to transformative wellbeing changes in their life and living.

Human Health and

Save Planet Earth

The major challenges in the 21st Century comprise the ailments and diseases of modern lifestyles and it’s “throwaway” culture that results in rampant environmental pollution and waste disposal that invariably ends up in the oceans, the lifeblood of our Earth, driving weather, regulating temperatures and home to millions of yet to be discovered marine species. Zen Harmony and Free Diving are unique concepts that integrate scuba diving and free diving with effective and controlled breathing, meditative focus and free flow exercise, whilst discovering the amazing marine diversity. The community of divers have the opportunity to champion the public voice to protect the oceans, our most precious natural resource.

The Nourishment

of Health

At Zen, we believe that every meal counts as a mindful opportunity to nourish the body, mind and spirit with fresh and organic food and mindfully experience healthy and delicious eating. Also the ambience, the rituals and the people we share our meal with is important. Zen cuisine is based on the mantra “Think Global, Eat Local”. Our chefs craft menus that are inspired by international flavours and organic products including superfoods, herbs and spices such as fresh Moringa from our farm. Maitri, our restaurant meaning "friendship" or "benevolence”, emphasizes the age-old tradition of eating together, of guests bonding and healing over every meal.


Wellness Therapy

ZenRehab creative art therapy combines art, music, dance, drama and poetry within the context of psychotherapy, counselling and rehabilitation. The therapeutic process here focuses on finding associations between the creative choices and inner being towards reawakening memories and desires that reveal inner thoughts, perceptions and feelings.
No artistic talent is necessary for art therapy to succeed because the therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of the work, but finding associations between the creative choices made and our guests’ inner being. The artwork you create can be used as a springboard for reawakening memories and telling stories, that may reveal messages and beliefs from the unconscious mind and thus enhancing intellect and healing.

The Journey of Love

and Life Union

Zen wedding venues comprise a beach floral pavilion, the Nirvanum Sanctuary, overlooking rice fields, vineyards, forests and the Sea of Bali and a wide range of garden and forest settings around the property. We cater full service decorations, parties and receptions and a wide range of international cuisine for fine dining in our exquisite Zen Maitri restaurant or under the stars by the pool overlooking the Sea of Bali. We recommend ending your magical day with a sunset dinner and dance on the beach and perhaps a sunrise dolphin sail. And on your big day your guests can indulge at the Amaris Spa rejuvenate and beautify to celebrate your unforgettable special day.

Wellbeing Group


Zen Resort’s secluded, serene and unspoilt North Bali location with sweeping vistas, expansive range of holistic wellness, including Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Naturopathy, delicious and healthy nutrition and recreational activities including scuba and free diving and snorkelling as well for all guests a Ayurveda Doctor dosha and wellness consultation s Zen an ideal choice for group retreats and workshops. Zen villas feature the charm of traditional Balinese architecture, stunning landscape views and ensuite open-air garden bathrooms. We offer excursions to discover local customs, ceremonies and temples and the vibrant marine life of North Bali.

The Pathway to

Healing Meridians

At Zen we have developed a 300-meter reflexology pathway that extends across the width of Zen’s property, overlooking a small river with an expanse of forest, rice-fields, vineyards and wide-open sea views. The pathway has been crafted with carefully selected reflexology stones to stimulate neurological reflex zones, massage and stimulate acupressure points on the soles and connect to various energy meridians of the body. Many guests enjoy a sunrise as well as a sunset stroll along the Zen reflexology pathway, taking the time to enjoy the company of the birds, bees and butterflies that abound all along the tropical forest area in the resort.

Flower Mandalas

Origami Creations

The literal meaning of the word “mandala” is a “circle” and this being representative of the whole Universe is considered as spiritual symbol that denote protection and good luck. Every day you will be greeted with floral decorations around the resort, in your room, Amaris spa, yoga Shala, Maitri restaurant and the reception areas. Also on your bed a origami-inspired towel creation in the form of a lifelike swan or elephant will no doubt bring a smile and joyful appreciation. The floral Mandalas and the origami towel creations are the little touches that make your time at Zen memorable and uplifting and our staff offer free classes to create floral mandalas and learn origami art.

Balinese Blessing

Purification Ceremony

Balinese culture is in many ways a reflection of the island itself: an oasis of balance, harmony and peace with regular blessing and purification ceremonies. This influence permeates through every aspect of daily life with a spiritual richness that’s distinctive and restorative. Every full moon a blessing and purification ceremony, performed with holy water and with chanting followed by meditation shrouded in incense to purify and cleanse the aura whilst celebrating the coexistence of life’s energies: good and evil as well as darkness and light. A tri-coloured band made of three threads representing Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma is tied on the right wrist, symbolising protection, inner balance and harmony.

Palm Reading and

Energy Healing

Palmistry is a unique spiritual way in which a palm reader learns about your life and counsels you on your life journey. Traditionally in Bali, a healer of retirement age appoints a son to inherit the role. In the case of the resident palm reader and energy healer at, our very own Ibu Luh Padmi was selected by her father to be the next healer in the family. Ibu Luh has the ability to read the past and advise on embracing the challenges of life. In a one-to-one session, she uses Reiki adapted energy healing in combination with pressure point techniques to identify and release pain, discomfort, stress, past issues and emotional baggage.

Zen Wellbeing Retreats

From 3 to 21 Nights all-inclusive Ayurveda-Yoga-Mediation-
Immunity-Nutrition-Detoxification-Recreation Programs: Relaxation,
Rejuvenation, Purification, Health, Wellness, Slimming, Stress Release,
Harmony Scuba and Free Diving, Nature and Cultural Excursions

Zen Ayurveda

Wellness Retreats

Zen Resort Bali offers 3 to 21 nights customized wellbeing retreats: Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Purification, Health and Wellness Programs.

Yoga pose

Slimming Retreats

Zen Resort Bali offers 7 and 13 nights customized Slimming Retreats enhancing detox and weight loss for a Healthier and Happier You.

Stress Release Retreats

Stress Release Retreats

Zen Resort Bali offers 7 & 13 nights customized body-mind-heart and soul Stress-Release retreats for a Liberated and Happier You


Harmony DIving Retreats

Zen Resort Bali offers 4 Nights to 10 Nights Zen Harmony Diving Retreats for Uncertified & Certified Divers and Padi Certification Courses to experience the amazing Marine World.

Free Diving

Free Diving Retreats

Zen Resort Bali offers 3 Nights Zen Harmony Free Diving Retreats and 5 and 8 Nights Padi Free Diving Certification Courses to experience the amazing Underwater Ultimate Freedom.

Zen Group Retreats

Group Retreats

Zen Resort Bali offers Retreat Groups customized Ayurveda, Yoga, Mediation, Creative Rehab, Art Therapy, Emotional Wellbeing and Harmony Diving Retreats as required.

Zen Guests Video Testimonials

Worldwide Guests Video Testimonials

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Ms Synnove Teresa

Water Scientist Professor Anders Nillsson, Sweden-USA

Educationist Charlotte Tharrup and Politician Tim Owen, Australia

Actress Julian Kohler, Germany

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Zen Resort Bali
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Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, healthy Nutrition, Zen Harmony Diving

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