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The Oceans are the Lifeblood of Human Survival and Home to Millions
of Species. Go Scuba Diving, Learn to Breathe and Meditate, Discover
Wealth of Marine Diversity and become the Conscience to End the
Pollution of Oceans, the World’s Precious Natural Resource

The world’s oceans and seas are the lifeblood of our Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms. We hold our Earth’s Oceanic Water World in the highest regard, it being home to millions of marine species, flora and fauna, most of which remain unknown. This undiscovered wealth of the Oceans may hold the means for our sustainable future and the welfare of future generations. In the 21 st century, the two biggest challenges in the world comprise, firstly the emerging burden of the ailments and diseases of modern lifestyles and secondly the escalating pollution and degradation of the environment, 70% of which comprises the marine world.

Harmony Divingv

ZHD, a unique concept formulated on the premise that scuba diving can enhance human health whilst discovering the amazing diversity of marine life in the underwater world, integrates Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda with scuba diving, enabling divers to experiencing an exceptional pathway to enhancing human health and fitness through the effective practice of underwater controlled breathing, meditative focus and free flow physical exercise whilst at the same time discovering the amazing beauty and diversity of marine life in the underwater world. Worldwide some 70 million people in the world go diving and yet 3 billion people live on the coastlines around the world. We need to increase the number of divers and snorkelers such that they become the ambassadors of the marine world observing and reporting the dangers and the potential consequences of the dumping the worldwide escalating land-based waste into the oceanic world.

We are convinced that a combination of holistic wellness – Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and pranayama-, health coaching, functional medicine and recreational snorkeling and scuba diving, has the potential to contribute to worldwide preventive and reductive measures to confront of the emerging burdens of modern lifestyles ailments and diseases as well as being the social conscious and the voice of the marine world that is essential for Governments, Business and the Scientific community to contribute the means and the knowledge to stop the pollution and destruction of our most valuable natural resource.

Zen Harmony Diving: The Integrated System

Zen Harmony Diving Consultation
On arrival at Zen and before your dive, you’ll meet with Zen Harmony Diving and Ayurveda – yoga health professionals, who will consult and assess your health and fitness and develop your individual training and exercises including, harmony breathing, harmony meditation, harmony yoga, harmony Ayurveda and Zentsu Rejuvenation. These pre-dive preparations will empower efficient and effective breathing, buoyancy control with breathe, meditative focus and relaxation, thus training the mind and body to anticipate, adapt relax and embrace beauty of the spectacular underwater world during all your dives.

Zen Harmony Yoga
Harmony yoga has been developed to enhance physical fitness and maneuverability to effectively adapt to circumstances and changing conditions in the oceanic water environment. We have adapted various yoga asanas and practices that precisely meet the specific needs of diving, including increased flexibility, alignment of the muscular and skeletal system, increased stamina, reduced risk of muscle stress and cramp.

Zen Harmony Breathing
We have developed and adapted pranayama-breathing techniques to meet the needs of scuba divers during pre-dive, during-dive and post-dive. With effective practice, pranayama empowers controlled breathing in harmony with movement, balanced floatation, meditative focus, controlled buoyancy and reduced air consumption during the dive and also facilitates removal of excess nitrogen after the dive.

Zen Harmony Meditation
The underwater world in every sense offers the most ideal environment for a natural and an effortless pathway to learning and practicing meditation. Harmony meditation teaches the techniques practices required for skillful and skillfully controlled response to underwater situations, including intensive focus to truly see and feel the beauty of the oceanic water world as well as with mindfulness respond to unforeseeable endangering events such as equipment problems, fear of certain marine creatures.

Zen Harmony Zentsu Relaxation and Rejuvenation
Zentsu, an intense relaxation technique practiced in the shallow portion of the swimming pool, floating on your back, supported by a Yoga and Meditation therapist. This surface floatation on your back lasts for some fifteen minutes with eyes closed and meditative focus on breathing. Following this, for another ten minutes you will float face down and breathing with a full face snorkeling mask. This technique, developed at Zen, has turned out to be the most effective in enhancing total relaxation and release of physical and psychological tensions. A number of our scuba diving guests have described the Zentsu experience as bringing back the deep and secure memories of the first nine months of life in the womb as well the beauty of one’s birth and childhood.

Zen Harmony Ayurveda
Zen harmony Ayurveda for divers adapts targeted specific ayurvedic therapy and specialized massage as well food and diet advice prior to diving. The objective here is to eliminate excesses, clears joints and diaphragms, rejuvenates and strengthens muscles, lessens risk of indigestion and bloating, and facilitates energy fitness. The benefits include reduced risk of cramping, lower recovery times between dives and minimize the effects of compression and decompression on the body.

Zen Harmony Diving Equipment
The introduction of innovative Full Face Mask (IDM) systems for Scuba Diving and Easy Breathe facilitates natural and deep breathing through the nose, more comfort, no fogging of the visor, greater vision, no leaking as well as integrated communication system connecting divers and the base station. Here the possibility to breathe deep and slow through the nose in combination with easy underwater meditation and gentle swimming and gliding exercises are three factors that has the greatest potential to empower empowering much wider community to go scuba diving and experience the amazing underwater world.

For more information, please see www.zenharmonydiving.com & www.zendivebali.com

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