Zen Resort Wellness Innovations

Zen Unique Physical, Psychological, Spiritual Wellbeing Innovations, Empowering Guests to Harness Mindfulness, Catalyse Inner Energy and Embrace Healing

Zen Resort is hidden away in a serene, secluded and unspoilt North Bali location surrounded by rice fields, vineyards and natural forest with sweeping views of the Sea of Bali. Our enchanting gardens and blissful surroundings are  complemented by endless Balinese hospitality and tasteful touches of local culture, art and architecture.

Our holistic approach to wellness includes integrated Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, pranayama, naturopathy, nutritious cuisine and a range of recreational activities including Zen Harmony Scuba and Free Diving and Snorkelling. These all come together to form the foundation of our health and happiness enhancing programs.

The practical and unique physical, psychological and spiritual healing innovations we have developed are relevant to empowering guests to harness mindfulness, catalyse inner energy, embrace wellbeing and self-heal, thus living sustainably with one another and nature.  Examples of Zen Innovations, for example include,

  • Consultation

    ZENCONSULT: Integrated Wellbeing and Sustainable Lifestyles

    The integrated wellness and lifestyle consultation comprises a multidisciplinary expert team Ayurveda and Naturopathy Doctors, Yoga & Meditation, Diet and Detox and Recreation experts. The goal is to individually customize Zen Wellbeing & sustainable lifestyle programs.
  • Spa mantra

    ZENMANTRA: Quantum Theta Vibrations Mantra Relaxation

    A surround-sound synchronized chanting by three therapists sets the energy flow & enhances mental receptiveness to embrace the ayurvedic therapy. This experience is transformational, enhancing deep relaxation, with guests giving up their body, mind & soul to the therapists.
  • Harmony Diving

    ZENTSU: Deep Relaxation and Rebirthing Bonding

    A relaxing - rebirth bonding therapy comprises floating in a swimming pool, being rocked by a therapist, side to side at a frequency as experienced in the womb. The buoyancy in water intimately connects to a revelatory rebirth experience, enhancing empathy, healing and parental bonding.
  • Yoga at Zen sanctuary

    ZENCHI: Integrated Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Gratitude

    This daily sunrise 15 minutes of therapeutic yoga relaxing muscles. joints and enhancing blood circulation, 15 minutes of pranayama inhaling maximum oxygen and exhaling toxins and 15 minutes of conscious and compassionate meditation with gratitude enhances physical, psychological & spiritual wellbeing.
  • zen heal

    ZENHEAL: Physical, Mental, Emotional Spiritual Self-Healing

    The Zen sanctuary, considered by spiritual healers & Tibetan monks as a high energy site, is the location for many guests destressing & self-healing from the traumas & sad moments and enhancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as celebrating the Joys of Life and Living.
  • Fire Ceremony

    ZENHOMAGE: Combination Floral Gratitude & Letgo Fire Ceremony

    An integrated Flower & Fire Ceremony, deeply emotional & liberating, comprises first paying homage with a flower individually to all the people & pets that have made positive differences in one’s life & secondly burning to ashes a list of issues & challenges to let-go.

    ZENHARMONYDIVE: Enhance Health and Save the Oceanic World

    Zen Harmony Scuba and Free Diving integrates diving with human health enhancing practices of controlled breathwork, meditative focus & free flow gentle exercises, whilst discovering the amazing marine diversity of the oceanic world, our most precious natural resource at risk of rampant waste & pollution.
  • Amaris SPA

    ZENAMARISSPA: Temple of Ayurveda Wellbeing and Beauty

    Ayurveda Spa, offering more than 30 different massages and beauty therapies, is both an escape and a place to relax, rejuvenate and heal. Our SPA therapists will nurture your with compassion and empathy for an unforgettable experience. You will leave Amaris Spa feeling healthier, happier, revitalized and balanced
  • Restaurant

    ZENCUISINE: The Mindful Nourishment of Body, Mind and Soul

    Every meal, healthy and delicious, counts as opportunity to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Zen cuisine is based on the mantra “Think Global, Eat Local” and every meal is prepared fresh with produce from our on-site regenerative farm. At Zen, we emphasizes the age-old tradition ,of guests dining together and bonding
  • wedding

    ZENWEDDING: Journey of Love and Life Union

    An idyllic setting for your most special wedding day. Venues include on the beach, a floral pathway and Wedding Pavilion or Nirvanum Sanctuary, overlooking forest, rice fields, vineyards and the Sea of Bali. Many options for parties and receptions indoors or outdoors in the tropical gardens. Zen Chefs offer International, Mediterranean, Indian and Balinese Cuisine.
  • Group Retreat

    ZENGROUPS: Wellbeing, Bonding and Recreation Retreats

    Integrated Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Art and Creativity, Diving, Cultural and Ecological Excursions, including Temple Tours, Rice Field Trekking, Sunrise Dolphin Sail and more. Retreat Group Leaders, please contact us for your customized Retreat Programs
  • reflexiology

    ZENREFLEXOLOGY: Pathway of Healing Meridians

    A 300-meter Zen Reflexology Pathway, overlooking a river with an expanse of forest, rice-fields, vineyards and wide-open sea views, has been crafted with sized pebbles to stimulate feet neurological reflex zones, stimulating acupressure points connected to energy meridians of the body, mind and soul.
  • zenart

    ZENART: Flower Mandalas and Origami Creations

    An everyday tradition decorating with origami cottons & towels, creating swans, frogs & elephants as well as floral “Mandalas”, a circle representing the Universe for protection & good luck in Guest Villas, Restaurants, Spa & Yoga Shala. These little touches of gratitude & happiness the time at Zen memorable and uplifting.
  • blessing

    ZENBLESSINGS: Balinese Cultural Holy Ceremonies

    Guests participate blessing & purification ceremonies weekly and full moon ceremony monthly in Zen temples, performed with flowers, incense & holy spring water. Daily at sunrise our local village priest blesses many locations around the resort. Guest Birthdays and Anniversaries are also celebrated temple at Zen.
  • palmistry

    ZENPALMISTRY: Palm Reading and Energy Healing

    Zen resident palm reader & energy healer, Ibu Lush Padmi was selected as the next inline by her famed healer father. Palmistry, a unique spiritual art focusses life’s challenges and counsels the future. Reiki energy healing brings out issues & releases emotions. A Tarot reader is also in residence at Zen.
  • Art Theraphy

    ZENNATUREARTISTRY: Creative Wellbeing and Happiness Therapy

    A creative guided 5 Senses Integrated Group Program with a Meditative Touch including Drawing, Painting, Dance, Music, Stories, Writing and Poetry combined with Taste and Aroma Sensing to enhance your intuition and Expressive Thinking, strengthening your social skills and creativity, thus discovering the Empathy of Love for Life and Relationships
  • Immunity

    ZENIMMUNITY: Immunology of the Natural World

    During the Covid-19 lockdown, Zen staff developed a Zen Shirin Yoko Nature Immunity Forest Centre with Cocoa, Mango, Coconut and Banana Plantations, free -flow spring water ponds to rejuvenate, Birds & Butterfly watching & Yoga-Mediation platforms & rice-fields trekking to the beach, 300 meters away

Zen Resort Bali
15 Years Empowering Wellness and Sustainable Lifestyles
Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Healthy Nutrition, Zen Harmony Diving


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