Zen Meditation: Mindfulness of Focus and Awareness

A Consciousness Science and Practice fostering Serenity, Focus, Awareness and Gratitude; Mindfully enhancing Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing

Meditation is an essential part of our guests’ experience offers serenity and it leads to a shift in consciousness that supports physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The aim of Meditation is simply to foster awareness and clarity. At first attending to the intake and outtake of breath, and then to the thoughts that meander through the mind as the session goes on. The idea is to notice internal and external distractions without reacting to them. Practicing this level of awareness helps our guests positively channel their consciousness in a way that improves their lives in the short and long term.

At Zen Resort, your meditation will be integrated with Yoga and Pranayama as part of our daily Zenchi classes. Each includes mindful meditation and takes place in the morning, with views toward the open ocean as the Balinese countryside awakens. Click archives files Zenchi.pdf

There is no shortage of secluded spots in Zen gardens should you wish to find your own private hideaway. Individual classes can be arranged if you want to learn with the help of our Meditation master.

Daily Meditation ensures our guests start each day in a positive and composed state of mind. It’s easy to underestimate the power of something based on stillness and introspection. But Meditation is central to the wellbeing of our guests, particularly when it’s practiced alongside Yoga and Pranayama as part of our Zenchi classes.


That’s because Meditation is proven to improve physical, emotional and mental stability. It empowers those who practice it with greater control over their state of mind, which explains why it’s increasingly used to treat mental health conditions and stress-related illnesses. But at Zen Resort Meditation is also thought of as a preventative measure, as a way to fortify mind and body. We are all confronted with challenges that cause anxiety and inhibit our ability to think clearly. A few minutes of deep, meditative concentration each day can provide the foundations we need to face them in the right way.

The objective of meditation is to transform your state of mind through three stages of focus: Awareness, meditative concentration, and enlightenment. Once our attention is engaged, concentration moves into a meditative state. That state has a transformative effect that leads to liberation and, eventually, enlightenment. There are many meditation techniques, but the two main categories are concentrative and mindfulness.

Concentrative meditation focuses attention, for example on your the breath or an image or a sound. This process stills the mind to allow a greater awareness and sense of clarity to emerge. Mindfulness meditation instead focuses on awareness of sensations and feelings around you. The aim is to experience every aspect of the environment, without consciously thinking about or reacting to it. Both forms of Meditation lead to a state of consciousness marked by serenity, clarity and bliss. Many scientific studies have shown its power, from altering brain waves and improving cognitive functioning, to alleviating physical and emotional pain.

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