Zen Detoxification: A Healthy Outside Starts from Inside

Enhancing Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Detoxification, delivering Body, Mind, Heart and Soul  Health and Harmony through Reducing the Multitude of Toxins and Contaminants, so often encountered in busy Modern Lifestyles

The Body, Mind and Soul

The 21st century human health challenge is to develop effective and efficient holistic health and wellbeing systems that deliver preventive, restorative and curative healthcare and importantly reduces the multitude of contaminants and toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the multitude of anxiety and stress problems that we encounter in our busy lifestyles.

At Zen we have developed an integrated Detoxification approach that considers the whole human being, comprising of body, mind and soul. We live in a world of modern lifestyles that generate a range of physical, mental and spiritual contaminants that interact and affect every aspect of our lives. These contaminants are often the cause of many health ailments and diseases as well as the source of the pollution, degradation and destruction of nature which further impacts on human wellbeing.

Our physical body is a combination of the five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth. The health of our physical body is affected by many factors including exposure to physical, chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants that enter our body through the food, water and air we consume


Our mental body comprising the mind is the seat of feelings, emotions, desires, reasoning, knowledge and intellect. Every day our mind is exposed to multiple anxiety problems in our stressful modern lifestyles as well as being confronted daily by notification in the news and social media of accidents, crime, human suffering, violence and destruction of nature.

Our spiritual body comprising our soul is the seat of senses, ethics, morals, purpose and principles of life, culture and religion.   Our soul is the seat of our spirituality, connected to something bigger than us.   Our souls also get weighted down, calcified, and poisoned daily with the wounds of our past, the pain of our losses, the weight of our stresses, and the neglect of our dreams. Our soul is what makes us happy, hopeful, loving, caring, sharing, understanding and resilient.


The body, mind and soul detoxification at Zen includes healthy nutrition, diet, detox and dosha-balanced food and Ayurvedic massage therapies enhance the flow of lymphatic fluids, simulate blood circulation, remove cellulite, promote vitality, reduce Vata imbalances and mental stress.

The sunrise Zenchi integrated yoga, pranayama and meditation has been designed to respectively enhances blood circulation, increases oxygen in and toxins out and enables psychological and spiritual destressing.  Zen detoxification programs also offer aromatherapy, sound, colour and creative art therapy and self-healing meditation at our high spiritual energy sanctuary as well as temples prayers, blessings and purification as well as  flower and fire ceremonies.

Recreational  activities and excursions for example rice field trekking and cultural and temple tours  are also relevant to detoxification. At Zen we have developed a unique Zen Harmony Diving system that incorporates controlled and effective breathing, meditative focus and gentle swimming exercises that enhances body, mind and soul relaxation and rejuvenation as well as detoxification of the whole being.

We need to undertake regular detoxification to rid our body, mind and soul of harmful contaminants in our stressful lives, in an increasingly toxic and polluted world. We must take precautionary measures to minimize  the exposure to and ingestion of  harmful contaminants and ensure regular detoxification of body, mind and soul at home and annually at holiday destinations offering wellness programs

For more information, see Research file Detoxification.pdf

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