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The World of Nature Cannot be Sustainable

WITHOUT Sustainable Human Lifestyles

The life-changing lesson of the Global Coronavirus pandemic is that the World of Nature, harmed by unsustainable human lifestyles and demographic changes, is being impacted upon by cascading climate change, extinction of species, air and water pollution and degradation of ecosystems, all of which in turn are resulting in the economic meltdown and societal breakdown, threatening the very fabric of human global society.

The fear and emotional pain that has been unleashed by COVID19 as it reaches every geographical corner of the human world is unprecedented. It has vividly made clear that any harm caused to Nature is only harm done to us. We are not separate from Nature, we are Nature itself. To protect ourselves, we must protect Nature.

In these times of lockdown and social distancing, we need to look within and think of how we can behave as humane beings not only towards our own brothers and sisters but also towards the other thirty million species that inhabit Planet Earth, which constitute the World of Nature. We are experiencing the tragedy of our loved ones dying behind glass doors. We are afraid for our children, our elders and everyone else, all at risk from Covid-19. The direct and reverse zoonosis  implications of the news that Tigers and Lions have been infected by a Zoo staff member with Covid19, may have profound implications for the evolution of zoonosis and reverse zoonosis transmission in the future.

If we are to become humane beings, we must become sustainable beings. We cannot continue our lifestyles of materialism, greed and waste without putting our own future and the livelihoods of our future generations at risk. We need to be decisive about living sustainably and in harmony with Nature or else we will be exposed to waves of new pests and mutating viruses to which we will not in all probability have the time to develop effective measures –  including producing essential vaccines – to protect ourselves.

Let us make the best use of this period of lockdown by strengthening our immunity with healthy eating and natural herbal supplements as well as balanced physical, mental and spiritual exercises. We need to devote this time of mandatory quarantine to reflect on our commitment today to living sustainably in harmony and peace with the Nature as well as equitably with fellow human beings. Whilst human spirit will prevail with respect and living in harmony with Nature, we must never forget that if Humans do not put an end to destruction of Nature, Nature will put an end to Humanity.

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The Quest for Sustainability
A Public Seminar Presentation at the Alchemy Academy, Bali

As a part of their mission to create a bend in the evolution of humanity towards sustainability Dr Mahendra Shah and Jonas Freeman will offer a talk at the Bali Spirit Fest. Dr Shah, the coordinating author of Agenda 21″, presented at the Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio, has had over four decades of international senior level appointments in the UN, World Bank, International Science and Policy Institutions and the Private sector and Jonas has worked with leadership and conscious holistic wellness-Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Harmony Scuba Diving business development for nearly 15 years.

For participants, this is unique chance to meet the person who been behind most sustainability agreements signed by nations, get an insight into the causes and solutions for human survival on this planet and how youth can be mobilised to become conscious and committed sustainable development policy makers and the leaders of the future.

Dr Mahendra Shah will share his contribution through “The Earth Odyssey ” project and his views on the world’s sustainable development and Sustainable Human beings imperatives to “find Global Solutions to securely continue our Journey through Time and Space aboard the only Ship we have, the Planet Earth”


The World of Holistic Wellness
Sustainable Human Lifestyles, Development & Nature

In spite of five decades of calls for sustainability actions, the world community is failing to deliver the policies & means for sustainable development. The novel coronavirus highlights that our wellbeing and survival can no longer be taken for granted. Peoples everywhere must force political and business leaders into sustainability actions to mitigate climate change, extinction of species, ecological destruction, atmospheric and oceanic pollution, which threaten catastrophic consequences and breeding grounds of future pandemics

Modern lifestyles being adopted rampantly are resulting in lifelong burdens of diabetes & obesity, blood pressure & cardiac diseases and mental stress & depression, with no cure thus far. We need to live sustainably with balanced nutrition, physical, mental & spiritual exercises and show empathy, compassion and respect in all our actions

The challenge for the world of wellness public & private sectors, educational institutions and social & news media is to deliver knowledge & means to end the culture of materialism, greed and power &realise the imperative of sustainable human lifestyles with respect for Nature & its millions of inhabitants


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